Solving tomorrow's most pressing problems, one dataset at a time

Our vision

Data Science Group is a global AI Center of Excellence, applying rigorous scientific research methodologies and innovative AI software to solve real life problems. Our vision is to remove the ivory tower around scientific research and make it useful in the real world. We aim to harness advanced AI/ML technology to find answers to questions that can propel economies and societies forward, and make businesses more efficient, prosperous and better suited to serve the world.

First of its kind AI governance and versioning suite

In 2020, we launched a first of its kind AI governance platform. By using our proprietary methodology, EDDS, we’re able to analyze and monitor data models, alert issues and suggest changes to prevent model deterioration – without using brute force. The combination of end-to-end project planning and execution alongside our platform, ensures the highest level of accuracy in predictions, even when circumstances change.

How we help our clients

Since our start in 2016, we have revolutionized the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in commercial settings, achieving a 90% success rate. Our team offers unparalleled expertise across industries, datasets, data formats, project types and business requirements. The depth and breadth of our experience helps us foresee and avoid pitfalls in planning and deploying AI models. We navigate projects towards meaningful results in a way that only few – if any – can.

We use multiple methods of data analysis, such as supervised/unsupervised machine learning, and structured/unstructured data formats, to implement data mining, text mining and graph mining algorithms. We specialize in end-to-end projects, starting from a complex question and resulting in a sustainable, meaningful and valuable prediction model that continues to deliver insights long after the project ends.

Our People

Our multidisciplinary team of data scientists and engineers has a unique combination of specialities across fields, an extensive academic background, and years of hands-on experience in diverse industries. Working collaboratively on every project allows us to integrate specialities and offer clients accumulated decades of niche expertise.


A DNA of exploration

DSG’s founders are researchers and entrepreneurs, data scientists and world renowned leaders in neuroscience, affiliated with leading AI research labs. They’ve assembled a motley crew of enthusiastic researchers that live and breath data science. Our team bridges the gap between research and business by teaching the brightest minds in academia about the most advanced and cutting edge machine learning techniques, while working with industry clients and developing AI models that truly generate business value.

Dr. Elan Sasson  CEO

DSG Co-founder. Serial entrepreneur, board member, and Lecturer. Member of LAMBDA AI Lab. Expert in Business Intelligence, data science, machine learning, and mining techniques.

Dr. Gideon Rosenthal  Head of R&D

DSG Co-founder. Data science, machine learning, deep learning, graph theory, computational neuroscience, network analysis, statistics, and big data technologies.

Shaul Abergil  Co-founder

Senior data scientist with extensive experience in developing data-driven products. High-level skills in programming, specializing in big data machine learning platforms.

Dr. Amjad Abu-Rmileh  Chief data scientist

Machine (deep) learning, signal processing, time series analysis, brain computer interface, recommendation systems, modelling and model-based control algorithms.

Nessy Kalvo CRO

Business executive with vast experience in the high-tech industry. Managing teams and sales towards success. Ex-Gartner, strategic advisor to C Level executives and Business Mentor.

Matty Mariansky  CPO

Prev. co-founder @Meekan (acquired 2016). Lecturer at Bezalel M.Des Design & Tech Masters program. Community founder at Israel’s largest AI discussion group.

Hagit Mozgar  COO

With over 5 years of experience in technological and industrial operational positions, ex-8200 unit graduate, holds a PSCI in management and strategic consulting from the Technion.

Elior Cohen  CTO

Data science and engineering background. Experienced in leading AI-driven business solutions from data to production. Active in the open-source ML community.

Dr. Adam Kubany  Dir. Data Science

An AI and ML Ph.D. specializing in NLP and computer vision, with over 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry
and a track record of leading industry
and academic-focused ML projects to their successful fruition.

Advisory Board

Dr. Orna Berry

Former Israeli chief scientist and head of the industrial R&D operations.
Head of the national AI program committee. Entrepreneur, investor, and board member.

Prof. Carmel Sofer

Research fellow in computational psychology. Entrepreneur, investor,and active board member. Past roles included President of Comverse Europe.